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Repairs & Product Care

RepairsGhurka offers an in-house repair service for Ghurka items that have been damaged. Please note that our repair department does not provide refurbishment or cleaning services. There is a $25 minimum handling charge for all repairs. If you have repair related questions, please contact us via email at or via phone at 1-833-782-6062, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Holiday Note: Each year our repair service closes between December 10th and January 3rd. Repairs sent in during this time period will not be processed until after January 3rd.

Ghurka GuaranteeGhurka guarantees that we will repair or replace, at our option, products that exhibit evident manufacturing defects up to one year from the date of sale on the following: hardware, zippers, seaming/stitching, and construction abnormalities. The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or mishandling.

Product CareYour Ghurka bag is built to accompany you on your adventures and as it ages, it will acquire a rich patina. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your bag, please follow these simple care instructions:

Ghurka LeatherWe always recommend using our Ghurka Leather Care Formula to condition and clean your leather bag. For surface dirt, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. For minor scuffs, use Ghurka Leather Care Formula as a cleaner and conditioner. Apply a small amount onto a clean, dry cloth and rub gently into the leather, evenly coating a complete section or panel of the product in order to achieve a uniform result. When dry, gently buff the leather with a clean, dry cloth.

Ghurka Suede Brush off any loose dirt with a soft brush.

Twill FabricGhurka twill can be cleaned with a mild solution of color-free laundry detergent and warm water. Mix one teaspoon of detergent to each pint of water. Dampen a clean white cloth with solution and blot the affected and surrounding area. Never scrub or brush a singular spot on your bag because this may cause irregular discoloring. It is always best to clean a complete section of the product to achieve a uniform appearance. All stains should be treated immediately.